Hi, I’m Katie the Librarian!

Welcome to my blog!

I’m currently a Public Services Librarian in London, Ontario, Canada and I have been working off and on in public libraries for over 13 years. Wow…seeing that written down is mind blowing! haha. Anyways, I officially became a librarian after graduating with my MLIS degree in 2017 after completing part-time studies in the program at Western University (Go Mustangs!). Right now, my work is focused on children & youth services and I do a lot of programming, collection maintainance, outreach, and librarianship for this audience. I work in a branch library in a wonderful neighbourhood of the city and I go to work every day loving and appreciating my work place and my job. It is such a wonderful feeling!

This is not my first crack at keeping a blog. When I lived abroad for a year teaching Primary School I kept a blog of my travel and teaching adventures. Then I’ve tried a couple other blogs that have been a mix of an online journal and a reading log. But I’m confident that this blog will be a space for me to write and share both professionally and personally.

My hobbies include reading (of course), walking & cycling, journaling, playing piano, watching tv/movies, and baking the occasional batch of muffins or pies. These are all topics that I may write about alongside my librarian career adventures. Feel very free to leave comments, or contact me if you want to discuss anything related to any of these topics. I love connecting with new people.

If you’re most interested in my reading life and book recommendations & ratings, you can find me and add me as a friend on Goodreads. 🙂

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